Investment silver




Silver, besides gold and precious stones (diamonds and other), is the most important material for making jewelry. Centuries used silver for expensive and durable cutlery (silverware) and sacred items. On jewelry, bars and religious objects, if indicated, a seal of purity and silver content may be printed.
This is because silver is traditionally regarded as the second worth of precious metal after gold.
Today, investment silver is an extremely attractive investment tool for investors who want to invest in long-term trading.


Investment silver available in ZLATARAMA GOLD:


The silver leverage weight of 500 grams is one of the largest commercial silverware investment products.

The silver bars of 500 grams are about as large as a baking powder bag. Its thickness may be several millimeters. The shape and design of each lever is typically different from the manufacturer to the manufacturer.
This lever belongs to the category of small and medium investment instruments.

The technique that is created is casting.
It is available for purchase with accompanying certificates.


If there is a standard silver lever for small and medium-sized investors, then this is a silver lever of 1000 grams or 1 KG
Silver levers of 1000 grams can be compared with the size of a smaller mobile phone. Its compactness enables simple and discreet storage.
Silver lever of 1kg belongs to the category of medium investment instruments. Most often, investors who have a strong affinity for investment silver, as an investment category, are buying.
It is produced in prestigious world mints.
It is available for purchase with accompanying certificates.


Silver levers of 5 KG represent a good basis for creating a silver investment portfolio.

A silver lever of 5 kg, together with lances of 10 and 20 kg, represents the largest silver instrument investment instrument.
It is produced in prestigious European mints.
The production process is a casting technique.
The visual identity of these lugs is recognizable by a rough look, ornaments and inscriptions on them are not sharp.
Selling silver leverage to investors offers the opportunity to create a quality property base.

Silver lever price: CALL


In history, the most common and most important use of silver was the production of valuable items, mostly silver coins as a payment instrument. In antiquity and the middle ages for the making of coins only silver, gold and copper and bronze were used. Most often, the value of the coin corresponded to the value of that metal. In the 17th century in Sarajevo, the Ottoman acclaims of the sultan Murat IV from 1623 were forged, and the name akca was derived from the Turkish word ak-beo, so akce means small white money. Shortly before the beginning of the Second World War, silver coins with a nominal value of 20 and 50 dinars with the image of young Yugoslav king Peter II were released in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia.

In Germany, until 1871, silver coins (Taleri) were in circulation, a currency that was covered by a silver standard. After 1871, it was replaced by a gold standard. The reason for using these precious metals as a means of preserving values ​​is their rarity and durability. Only in modern times began to mint coins from other metals such as iron, nickel and zinc, whose metal value was lower and did not correspond to the nominal value of the coin. Today, silver is used to create special numismatic coins, on occasion of some anniversaries, celebrations, and the like.

Silver medals in many sports competitions, such as the Olympic Games, are the prize for a second place in the competition. This is because silver is traditionally regarded as the second worth of precious metal after gold. However, today the gold medal is made of 92.5% silver plated with 6 grams of pure gold. And in other areas, the term silver signifies the second prize, award or mark of success. Silver is also appreciated in the musical instruments industry because it gives a good, warm tone due to its density, and in addition it can be easily processed.
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