Investment gold
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Investment gold represents pure gold.

Investment gold has a guaranteed fineness of 995/1000 or more. The smallest accepted weight for investment products is 1 g.

Investment gold is available on the market in the format of gold bars and gold ducats.

All gold investment products are produced in renowned world mints located on good GOOD DELIVERY lists. Companies with GOOD DELIVERY lists meet the strictest business rules regarding the fineness and weight of investment products.

Products of the same, are accepted anywhere in the world without additional checks.

Investment gold represents the highest quality product in the world. The degree of expectation and satisfaction of investors’ demands, on
It’s the highest level.

Investment gold is the most convertible currency in the world. (It can be exchanged easily for any currency).

The most famous producers of investment gold in Europe operate under the brand Argor Heraeus.


The diagram shows the development of the price of gold for 1 unze (31,104 g), from 1973 to the present.

Investment gold
Investing in investment gold represents the safest long-term investment. Investment gold is the most liquid form of financial instruments recognized globally.
When, you accumulate a certain financial asset, it is time to think about potential investment opportunities. No investment category should invest the entire financial capital. The principle of diversification should be guided. Part of the capital that you do not plan to use is used in the next 5 years and you can invest in gold for several years. The optimal share of capital to be invested in gold ranges from 10-30%. In the case of investment in the longer term, every moment for shopping is good. The reason is simple, it is impossible to guess the ideal price for buying. In the amount of money invested in shorter time, in investment gold, it is necessary to wait for a lower price on the stock exchange and at that time to perform the transaction. Another risk that exists if the investment is shorter Maturity, which can be done a little minus if you have a need for urgent liquidity.


The process of buying investment gold takes place in a similar way, as in the countries of the European Union.

Investment gold is available for purchase immediately, purchased at already formed prices. (These are gold levers, whose prices are fixed at a certain moment on the stock exchange platform. The price of the same can be similar to the present value, but it does not have to). In all our outlets, certain investment products and investment gold are available for purchase immediately.

If your request relates to the allocation of a larger amount of financial capital into investment gold, then import is done according to your individual request.
For the realization of such a request, you need to visit us in our business center located at Mutapova 65, Vracar, Belgrade.

Sale of investment gold at the best prices of Gold Jewelry

Investment gold represents an investment product, with a minimum weight of 1g, the smallest accepted fineness is 995/1000, or is larger.

Investing in gold (fine 999.9) is a liquid investment.
Investment gold is the world’s most convertible currency (characterized by easy exchangeability for any other currency).
It is traded for 24 hours in the world.
At your request, anywhere in the world you immediately get money for gold.
Investment gold is the foundation of the monetary and financial stability of each country.
The most stable are the currencies of those countries that have a great deal of coverage in investment gold.
Investment gold is produced in the form of gold lugs and investment ducats (gold coins).

Golden leverage is a more modern investment instrument, compared to investment ducats, which draw their investment potential from tradition.
Golden bars have imprinted protective elements, manufacturer’s name, exact weight, fins and identification number that is unique in the world


If your request is focused on allocating the largest monetary amounts, the optimal investment units are gold bars of 250 g.
Zero and minus interest rates have led to a diversion of savings from banks to other investment categories.
Undoubtedly, investment gold is one of the undisputed investment category.
When you buy gold, you have the specific value you own and which you can convert at any time for money.
When you buy virtual currencies, you become the owner of a product that does not recognize any legal framework in the world. Note that virtual currencies do not have the status of money, but products and the issue is only when they will be taxed like any other product.
Let’s not talk, what can happen with just one click, or by applying some future law. The welfare does not come for a day. In the meantime, we advise the maximum caution and fundamental economic and legal analysis when making any investment decision.