Purchase of investment gold and silver

You can offer a buyback of investment gold and silver, gold and silver leverage, as well as gold and silver coins you buy with us at any time at a very affordable price

ZLATARE GOLD also purchases investment gold and silver forged in the leading European and world mint of precious metals whether or not purchased by us or other respectable traders. The mint products we buy are Argor Heraeus, Umicore, Geiger, Degussa, Johnson Matthey, Pamp, Credit Suisse and others.

For our clients, we offer a special competitor a price that is comparable to the prices of leading European retailers. So, you do not have to travel abroad to sell your lever or coin at worldwide recognized prices. Your stake in precious metals is especially liquid and available at any time.

Terms of purchase

The difference in the sale and purchase price of gold is comparable with the difference between the redemption and selling rate of any world currency. Therefore, buying gold and buying euros, dollars or pounds fall into the same transaction category. On the purchase of gold in investment leverage and coins no value added tax is paid, just as VAT is not paid even when buying currencies.
The purchase of silver is done with a slightly higher difference between the selling and the purchase price, since when buying silver silver in the form of silver levers or coins, a tax is added to the added value in accordance with the law.

Money for purchased investment products is paid in cash immediately after checking the authenticity and correctness of the lever or coin. In the case where the amount of payment exceeds the maximum amount of cash, we pay money to the client’s bank account.

ZLATARE GOLD deals exclusively with the purchase of investment silver and gold – gold and silver leverage, gold and silver coins. You can ask for an offer for the purchase of gold lugs, silver lever, gold and silver coins by email or by visiting our branch office at 4 locations in Belgrade.