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Investment gold and golden ducats are an ideal gift for all occasions.
With respect to tradition,
the golden dukat is given off with special satisfaction when offering in the family,
during baptism, during various celebrations and anniversaries.

COINS 8 grams

Coins is a gold object, investment gold, which appears in the form of gold coins, which has a high share of pure gold in it. The dukat’s fines range from 900/1000 to 999/1000.
Fine coins represent the proportion of pure gold in the coins itself.
For example, the 900/1000 fineness has 90% pure gold, and 10% are alloys that give it strength.

Coins began to bake in 1140 years.
Throughout history they served as a means of payment. During the Middle Ages, small ducats were minted, their value was stable and circulated throughout Europe as a monetary payment.
Coins was proclaimed as the official means of payment throughout Europe in 1566, by the order of Emperor Fernand.
It lasted until 1857 when the ducat lost this status.


COINS 4 grams


Gifting gifts since ancient times is a real pleasure, both for the one who receives the gift, and for the one who gives the gift.

If you want someone to give a valuable gift, the ideal solution is ducat.

Dukat does not lose value in time, but preserves it.

Ducats are offered on various occasions. Most common are weddings, births, baptisms, celebrations and similar events.

With us you can choose the appropriate motive, as well as a convenient package depending on which one is given to a boy, or girl) and depending on the occasion it gives.

Visit us and choose a valuable gift for your dear person.


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And Serbia was making coins. They were known as the dukes of King Milan and Prince Miloš.

Coins is today bought for two reasons:
-First when a dear person wants to worship a gift that has eternal value.
-Other when we want to preserve the value of free money (conversion of money into gold).
Domestic coins are made mainly with the figures of local saints, important events and other personalities that marked our history.

COINS 2 grams


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