What is investment gold?

Investment gold in an informal sense is defined as pure gold.
According to European legislation, investment gold represents a gold product of at least 1 g weight and guaranteed fineness of 995/1000 or more.

Investment gold is produced in renowned mints belonging to Heraeus.

Heraeus operates in Switzerland under the brand Argor Heraeus, in Germany under the brand Heraeus and in Austria under the name Munze Osterich.
All the related companies HERAEUS, meet the strictest business rules, related to the weight and purity of investment products.

The quality of investment products is confirmed by an international certificate obtained with each golden lever.
Investing in gold is not a classic investment. The same, it represents insurance against the negative effects of economic events.
It is thought of as a protection against inflation, deflation, the risk of disappearance, or the replacement of the current currency.

Investment gold is the best product in the world.

-Gold is the most convertible currency in the world.

– Its value is known at all times.

– The gold is a limited resource, and the demand for gold is constantly increasing. In the meantime, its value has a positive time correction.

– Countries whose currencies are covered in gold have stable currencies.

In these economies, the money supply can not be uncontrolled to increase.
Thus, by increasing the amount of gold reserves, there is no increase in money supply.

-Investment gold is divisible, impervious and easily portable.
-Investment gold is a luxury object that has an inner value, extraordinary external power, high value per unit and is recognized in the world.


Investing in gold (fine 999.9) is a liquid investment.
Investment gold is the world’s most convertible currency (characterized by easy exchangeability for any other currency).

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